Shetland Trader ScanGudrun was born in Shetland in the 70’s while her mother, Patricia Johnston, was running the successful knitwear design company, The Shetland Trader.

Thirty years later – and now living in the United States – Gudrun has followed in her mother’s footsteps. She has made a name for herself among a new generation of knitwear designers, using the internet to directly interact with an international community of knitters.

Gudrun revived the use of The Shetland Trader name and publishes this website under this logo. She has self published two collections of knitwear inspired by the Shetland islands, The Shetland Trader Book One and Book Two and also collaborated with one of her favorite yarn companies, Quince & Co to publish a Mother and Daughter knitwear collection called Knit With Me.  Gudrun has also been published in several prominent magazines online, including Brooklyn Tweed, Twist Collective, Amirisu and Knitty.

Gudrun often includes aspects of her Shetland heritage in her designs, mostly utilizing traditional lace patterns in a contemporary context. She also loves to design using seamless construction and is always adding new techniques to her seamless knitting skills. Most recently she is exploring Fair Isle knitting.

As well as teaching all over the world Gudrun now runs fiber related trips to the Shetland Islands. Please visit the trips page for more information about these special tours.