Agnes X2

When I first saw Agnes in Wool Book One I was immediately drawn to it’s simplicity, coziness and pockets! I knew I wanted one of my own for the winter months.  I also thought this would be a perfect first sweater project for Maya to attempt. Maya was on board and ready for the challenge so we picked our colours and ordered the yarn. Franks’ plum for Maya and Storm for me.

Being that it is top down and in a chunky yarn, progress was made relatively quickly. I made a deal with Maya that I wouldn’t knit further than her.

Well this was all well and good for a while but then Maya lost her momentum as the rows grew longer! My impatience to wear my own sweater meant that it was necessary to intervene! So I did  ………

I probably ended up knitting about half of Maya’s sweater but I’m proud of her efforts nonetheless! As you can see she went for a short-sleeved version (mostly to reduce the knitting) but as we took the photos outside today she was wishing for more coverage!

As you can see I didn’t get around to tacking down the pockets yet!

These were in fact finished a while ago but we’ve not had a chance to take photos together being that it’s dark by the time Maya returns home from school!! We’ve also had a particularly chilly spell here in Scotland so have worn our sweaters a lot already!

We love them….thanks Melissa for another great pattern!

Gudrun Johnston