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As you have witnessed on this blog Mary Jane Mucklestone and I have had many adventures together over the last few years and we have a few more up our sleeve in the next 12 months! In fact we’re heading to Shetland together (as well as Ireland and Yorkshire) next week for more capers!

It’s no secret that I love her to bits. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished in the knitwear industry in the last few years.  Mary Jane is well known for her colourwork skills with two wonderful publications now available on the topic- 200 Fair Isle Motifs and 150 Scandinavian Motifs.

I’m here to tell you about her latest contribution to the knitting world, Fair Isle Style. This book is a beautifully styled (Mary Jane did this part too) collection of contemporary designs inspired by Fair Isle knitting. I am so honored to be a part of it along with lots of other designers whose work I hugely admire!

You get to win a copy of this awesome book…..read on to find out how!

© Chris Vaccaro

© Chris Vaccaro

Although my own knitting is heavily influenced by my Shetland heritage, so far, I have tended to focus more on lace. The small amount of Fair Isle that I have used in designs has indeed been a lot of fun and is absolutely something I’d like to do more of.

My design for this book is the Bressay Dress seen above. Back when my mother was designing Shetland knitwear in the 1970’s she had some awesome Fair Isle dresses as part of her collection (see below).

Taking these as inspiration I designed a dress of my own using some peerie patterns from Mary Jane’s 200 Fair Isle Motifs book.

This dress is worked top down so you get to start the Fair isle knitting part straight away. Then there is obviously a fair amount of Stockinette stitch after that, but it’s all in the round and actually didn’t take as long as I’d thought. Then you return once more to some easy colourwork at the hem with the addition of some fun semi-circular pockets!

© Chris Vaccaro

© Chris Vaccaro

© Chris Vaccaro

 I did get some pictures of me in the dress on a chilly winter morning in Scotland about a year and half ago, right before it was sent off. It was gone for quite some time but I’m very happy to say that it has made it’s way back to me . Now I get to wear it as we head into crispy mornings in Massachusetts too!

For a chance to win your very own copy of Fair Isle Style please leave a message in the comments section by end of day EST Wednesday 2nd of October!


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