What better day to release a new pattern than on a snowed-in chilly Sunday!
Introducing Fethaland -A slouchy beanie featuring a lovely zig zagging Fair Isle pattern.

My daughter Maya and her friend Ava are avid slouchy hat wearers at the moment and our household was in sore need of some more options. It’s also my favourite style of hat to wear so these are selfishly for my own noggin too!

These girls braved the frigid pre-storm temps for me yesterday so that I could get some photos of two besties in their beanies! We headed down to our already frozen lake for a little foot skating in the gently falling snow.

Fethaland is worked in Brooklyn Tweed Loft. It’s a never ending adventure seeing how the same Fair Isle pattern can look in different colour groupings. I love how both of these palettes look and I’ll definitely be experimenting further as I have a notion that I’ll need to make some more before the holidays are over!

All the details can be found over on Ravelry. I’m off to cast on another one and snuggle up inside for the day.

BTW- Fethaland is the name of a headland in Shetland!

Gudrun Johnston