Library Love

Today I have a different kind of post to share with you.

This one is all about the wee library in my hometown of Shutesbury Massachusetts (where we will be returning to in April). This past week they put out a video (see above) to help raise funds to build a bigger and better space. The video went viral and was posted on BoingBoing, tweeted about by Neil Gaiman, and blogged about by John Hodgman  and watched all over the world.

There has been some serious division in the town over whether we need a new library, it has been an intense and dramatic process that we have had to witness from afar (what with us being in Scotland this year).  I won’t go into all the details but you can catch up with some of what’s happened in this article.

Needless to say my family and I are supporters of having a new library. If we can raise as much of the money needed as possible this will reduce the burden on the town’s taxes.

Ever since we lived in this town we have been frequent users of our little public library. When we homeschooled this library provided many of our resources, it also has a fantastic DVD collection (another important use for us non-TV folks), hi-speed internet access (which we don’t have at our house) and wonderful staff and volunteers. In only 900 square feet it is an amazing facility…however it has some serious limitations due to its size.

There is no running water, only a composting toilet, no space to sit with your own computer and work/study, no space for bigger community events/workshops and obviously not enough space for new materials to be added/updated.

I know our family would make good use of a new library and we hope we get to see it happen. So I’m sharing the video here in an attempt to help spread the word….watch it…’s very cute…..if you can spare a few pennies they will be immensely appreciated!

Gudrun Johnston