Back in the Fall I was lucky enough to get to visit the Shibui headquarters in Portland Oregon. I got to see loads of awesome swatches which combined different yarn types together to produce some incredibly beautiful fabrics. This is not something I had ever really done before but I loved the look of the textures that could be achieved. I was generously loaded up with one of each yarn type so that I could do some playing of my own. My experiments coincided with a request from my daughter Maya for an original sweater designed just for her. After some sketching and swatching (with Maya’s input) I settled on a design and the result is what you see in the pictures below!

Mireille is knit with one strand of Pebble and one strand of Baby Alpaca in an all over textured pattern.

IMG_3429 IMG_3426
IMG_3393 IMG_3377

The knitting begins by casting on stitches for the back shoulders and neck. Short rows are then worked to shape the top back area and the knitting continues down to the underarm. Stitches are then picked up from the cast-on edge of the back and the front is worked as a mirror image with neck shaping added in.
The fronts and back are then joined at the underarm and the body is worked in the rnd down to the hem. Stitches are picked up around the armholes to work the sleeves down to the cuffs.

The overall style/shape of Mireille ends up being similar to a dolman sweater but with more fitted sleeves. The fabric as you can imagine is totally luscious what with being made up of baby alpaca, recycled silk, merino and cashmere!! Maya is more than happy with her new cozy sweater!

IMG_3492  IMG_3504
IMG_3510  IMG_3549

As this sweater is supposed to be worn with plenty of positive ease, anywhere from 6-10 inches,  each size covers a range of bust circumferences.
It is a lengthy pattern at 14 pages but that is mostly due to the need for the short row sections needing to be written out in full. Really it is not a difficult knit.

To purchase the pattern and get more info visit Ravelry (I have a wee birthday promotion going on too-buy this pattern and get another Shetland Trader pattern for free)!

Thanks to Maya and Nicole for modeling and to another Nicole for sample knitting!

Gudrun Johnston

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