Rhinebeck 2010

Rhinebeck 2010 rocked!

Julia and I were invited to a shared house this year and not only was it the most gorgeous setting (beautiful old house on stunning grounds) but we had wonderful folks to hang out and be merry with!

I didn’t get ANY photos of the actual Sheep and Wool festival as my hands were tied up carrying my Shetland Trader-Book One garments around and handing out postcards!(You can see Julia and I here sporting some of the garments from the book).

(Which reminds me…thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on the collection and of course for the pre-orders….the book is coming VERY soon)!

I did however get some great photos of the hat swap that went on between the ladies ….(Julia and I did not partake as we were last minute guests to the household)…..everyone was thrilled with their new head attire as you can probably tell from all the happy faces above!

Good to see old friends and make new ones…..can’t wait for next year!

Gudrun Johnston