Shetland Adventures!!

Yes I am well overdue a blog post …..hope some of you are still out there and willing to read!!

It’s been a very busy few months of traveling and teaching and secretly working on a new Shetland trader book…..hence the neglect that this space had suffered!

However I really wanted to share some photos from my most recent adventure to Shetland where I hosted my very own group for the first time. Here are just a few of the highlights:

The lovely group…12 in total…all so awesome and brilliant fun!!

(photo credit to Lori Ann Graham of loritimesfive blog)

The accommodations for the week….beautiful Burrastow House on the West side of Shetland…..we had the place to ourselves….

Shetland ponies and foals everywhere…….

Visit to a local croft that produces organic Shetland wool….Mary Jane has a go at hand clipping with some help from Ronnie Eunson…

Our trusty vehicle for the week….made a nice sheltered spot for the sheep apparently!

(photo credit to Lori Ann Graham of loritimesfive blog)

Puffins were seen…..

(From loritimesfiveblog)

(photo credit to Lori Ann Graham of loritimesfive blog)

Chat about the fleece sorting process with Oliver Henry of Jamieson & Smith…..

A visit to Hermaness for more viewing of birds and some courageous sheep (can just see Muckle Flugga in the background-most northerly lighthouse in the UK)

Bressay dresses were worn!!

So hot on the first day that swimming was required (by some-not all-of course Mary Jane went in)!

The swimmers outside Burrastow house.

Mary Jane’s Fair Isle class (one of 3 workshops that the group took part in).

Loads of delicious dinners at this table-beautifully presented by chef and Burrastow owner Pierre Dupont

….and plenty of Simmer Dim…..(Shetland summer twilight)….

Can’t wait to go back in October and do it all again during Wool Week!!

Gudrun Johnston

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