I’ll be totally honest…..January has been kicking my butt and I’m kind of looking forward to saying cheerio to it in a few days…it has felt fairly interminable and has been really dragging it’s feet in my opinion! Nothing awful has happened, I’m grateful for that, but I just feel like I haven’t been able to get into any kind of groove-workwise or other!

I also recently gave up my out of home studio as I just wasn’t getting there enough so I have been trying to carve out my space at home and it’s been tricky. All of which is just to say I’ve had the winter blahs and hence have not felt inspired to blog!

Today I hope to turn that around and get on with some of those eagerly made resolutions for 2013! One of these being that I want to explore photography more this year. I have plans to upgrade my Canon camera in the near future and have been researching what to go for. I’d love a full frame but don’t think I can stretch the pennies for that just yet. I’m fairly certain I’m settled on the Canon 60D.

In the meantime I will be swatting up on digital photography and practicing on my Rebel Xti so expect more photography on the blog!

Of course there will be some knitwear too….never fear!


Gudrun Johnston