The Timeless Hap

Back in February I started a Hap KAL on my Ravely group. Lots of people joined in and the results are gorgeous. Seeing the variety of haps coming off folk’s needles is a good reminder of just how timeless a shawl this is. I think I have made a total of seven haps now (not including the fine lace shawls I’ve knit that use the same construction) and it never gets boring.

There are all sorts of ways to make each hap you knit unique. For my 7th one I varied how I striped my colours in the border section and also chose to leave off the edging (see the first 2 pics below).

IMG_3556Obviously the colours you pick are the biggest part of how you can make your hap distinctive and original. It was great to see all the colour schemes that people came up with in the KAL. In the picture below one member of the KAL drew inspiration from a photo of a Shetland beach taken by Ella Gordon. If you use J&S Jumper weight yarn then you can find all the Shetland landscape colours in their palette.

Hap colour inspirationAnother knitter shared a great way to test out your colour selections by wrapping around a piece of card! Brilliant idea!

Ribbels wrapping technique


Applesnow haplizoid hap

frisabi hapjbwb

AnnaKika 2nd hapAnnaKika Hap

These are just a few of the finished shawls from the KAL. As you can see they are all unique and beautiful. Each picture links to the Ravelry page for that project.


My hap is now cozily swaddling a brand new babe born less than a week ago! All the haps I’ve knit for newborns have been lovingly used and I’m sure there are more for me to knit in my future!

Although my KAL is sort of ongoing you can also join in another one that Louise of the Knitbritish blog is kicking off today!.

I deliberately didn’t go into the historical side of haps here as there are some great recent posts that you can read here and here.

And if you feel like you’d benefit from some in-person help with knitting a hap you can always join my Craftsy Class where I’ll be on hand to guide you through!

Gudrun Johnston

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