the wee red shack

This is currently (and temporarily) where we are living….the wee red shack…

To catch you all up (if indeed anyone is still reading this sadly neglected space) we moved back to Massachusetts about 8 weeks ago but aren’t quite back in our own house yet as we rented it out until the end of July (maybe you didn’t even realize we had left Scotland). In order to still be in the same neighborhood, (kids can go back to same schools etc) we asked friends of ours if we could use their extra cottage to crash in and they very generously said yes .

It is only one room but we’ve been enjoying the challenges of living in this restricted space….plus we get to have the lake view and can jump in at a moment’s notice to cool off!

More regular blogging will resume….there’s lots more to share!

Now to bombard you with instagram snapshots of our life in and around the wee red shack

Oh…I now seem to have curly hair….I’m still getting used to this fact!

Gudrun Johnston