Our adventure to TNNA began with trips to several stores to collect the necessary items for Ysolda’s booth …, vintage tea cups, lighting, parasols, rugs and plumbing pipe were just a few of the things on our list!

Seeing as this was all Ysolda’s idea (and given the fact that she is not a driver) she was packed in the back of the car with Bob for company!

Sarah (Ysolda’s lovely assistant) and I shared the 16 hours of driving and sang along to a lot of Kate Rusby!

Like magic the booth was put together the following day with the helping hands of many other friends….it only took ALL day and a small amount of cursing at IKEA furniture! (or maybe that was just me)!

Above is my corner of the booth and yes that is a design for the new collection at the front! (Proof that work is being done).

Laura Chau of Cosmicplutoknits also brought along some of her samples.

Lots of folks were very grateful for the couch that Ysolda hired….walking the convention center floor was no easy task! We even served tea and cakes on both weekend days and were mobbed with attendees. I don’t have any photos of this part as I was too busy pouring cups of English Breakfast …….

Jess in an Audrey.

Mary Heather in a Kerrera and Snapdragon set.

Sarah in a Tanit’s Jacket.

Cirilia and Laura modeling some of Ysolda’s latest designs.

Everyone had fun trying on our samples and then getting shots of themselves in the photobooth (that’s where the plumbing pipes came in).

Very enjoyable (with a tint of exhausting)…..already scheming for next year!

Gudrun Johnston